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Bucas Power Turnout

Bucas Power Turnout

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Durable quality with the Bucas Power Turnout

Compared to other rugs in the same weight class, the Bucas Power Turnout rugs have a much wider comfort temperature range. This means that you can be sure that your horse will be comfortably protected against wind and weather, even if the temperature fluctuates greatly during the course of the day. As with other Bucas rug lines, the Bucas Power Turnout is available in Big Neck and High Neck versions. The Bucas Power Turnout Big Neck is particularly suitable for horses with a strong neck and wide shoulders thanks to its special cut. For the classic cut version there is a removable Bucas Power Turnout neck section.

What's behind the Bucas Power Turnout 

Thanks to the special Stay-Dry lining, the rug can be placed on the horse while it is still wet, directly after a bath or training session. The horse dries quickly under the Power Turnout and does not need to be covered. The ballistic nylon from which the rug is made is not only particularly durable, but also waterproof and breathable. In addition, the Bucas Power Turnout line has a heat-reflective aluminium coating on the inside. Shoulder darts and the Click 'n Go closure round off the optimal wearing comfort.

Temperature range of the Bucas Power Turnout Rugs

The Bucas Power Turnout Light has no additional filling and is suitable for temperatures between -5 and 16°C. For cooler temperatures that reach -15°C, the Bucas Power Turnout Medium with its 150g filling is a good choice. And to top it all off, the Bucas Power Turnout Extra with its 300g filling is suitable for the extraordinary range between -20 and +12°C, so you can send your horse out to pasture in the winter with peace of mind and without worrying about having to re-cover!