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Horse poultices and clays are ideal for use in standing wraps to comfort tired legs after strenuous exercise. Clay poultices reduce swelling and help treat injuries.
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Horse poultices are an excellent way to help heal the body.

Horse poultices help reduce swelling in the legs after strenuous exercise and draw out heat from injury. Poulticing a leg or hoof can pull toxins from the body and reduce inflammation. Using a poultice is the perfect way to improve circulation and promote healing. A properly applied poultice packed firmly around the injury or desired location will provide relief. The mixture is then wrapped or covered with fabric, plastic or another barrier and is left in place for a specific length of time in order to allow the poultice to work. A reduction in swelling and a drop in temperature indicate that the poultice has done its job. You can also wrap the hoof to aid in healing from stone bruises and other types of damage.

Horse clay promotes healing and helps reduce swelling.

Horse clay is similar to a poultice with the consistency of hard-packed mud. Horse clay is used to fill the hoof prior to wrapping or can be moulded around a joint or other part of the leg to draw out heat and toxins. Applying a wrap to the area after the horse clay is added is necessary to keep the mixture in place and allow it to work. The horse clay or poultice is designed to reduce swelling, increase circulation, remove toxins and allow the area to heal. Horze offers poultices and clays for many conditions.