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Coolers, Fleeces & Sheets

Coolers, Fleeces & Sheets

Cooler rugs for horses are a must in every stable, regardless of whether they are used for throwing over the horse to dry it out more quickly, or for covering the horse after training. They are suitable for a wide range of uses.
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Cooler Rugs help prevent colds

The most important function of horse cooler rugs is to help your horse cool down after heavy sweating. Time and weather conditions won't always allow you to ride your horse for long enough so you can bring it back to the stable without any health consequences. The sensitive kidney area in particular should always be dry after your training and before you return your horse to the stable.

This is especially true in winter, when it is generally very cold, or a bit draughty in your horse's stable, but your horse can still catch a cold any time of year, even in summer.

All in all, a sweat rug makes it easier for your horse to "sweat it off", as cleverly developed technical fabrics absorb the fluid released by the body and wick it away, so that the coat as a whole dries more quickly.

Size, colours and features of the Horze rugs and sheets

As you know from our range, the variety of cooler rugs, fleece horse rugs and horse rain sheets is incredibly large. From rugs in pony size and up to 165 cm in length, we have the perfect rug for your horse. Features include gussets, cross straps, double breast straps, tail straps, single straps, and rugs with or without a neck piece. Wether you're looking for a rug to throw over your horse after training, or one for wearing inside the stable, you're bound to find what you're looking for here.

Cooler rugs and summer sheets for horses come in a wide variety of different fabrics with a range of moisture wicking features. Some also feature additional cooling or warming effects to suit particular requirements. Of course, you will also find the latest fashion colours to match your halter or even your riding breeches. Take a look around and let yourself be inspired.

We also offer sweat rugs from other well-known brands such as Eskadron, Back on Track, Kentucky and many more.

Classic cooler rugs are made of fleece. This has several advantages. Firstly, you can easily wash the fleece rug in the machine. A thin fleece blanket is also light enough to prevent the horse sweating under it. After all, the horse is supposed to stop sweating after riding or lunging. The rug absorbs the horse's sweat and wicks it away to the surface. The inside of the rug should therefore feel dry.

There are also cooler rugs made of wool. However, these are more suitable as transport blankets, as they can quickly become too warm. They should only be washed at low temperatures.

A fleece rug that is not too thick is durable and easy to wash, and therefore meets all the requirements of a good sweat rug. If you also want to use it as a transport rug, a removable neck piece is a good addition. Your horse will then be protected from draughts in the trailer.

If the horse is to be kept in the stable with its rug for a longer period of time, a belly strap is useful. A cross girth is best here. However, this is not so suitable if you want to dry the horse outside with the rug. A separate belly strap is a good solution here, which you only put on if the horse is to be left unattended for a longer period of time in the rug.

This type of rug is mainly intended to protect your horse from draughts and cold when sweating after riding or lunging. Whether the horse sweats so much after work that it needs a rug depends on the intensity of the work. If you are only going at a relaxed pace through the forest, a sweat blanket is usually not necessary, but it is necessary after intensive jumping or dressage training.

In winter, horses that are not clipped sweat very quickly. Then you should always put on a sweat sheet after riding. You can also put the rug on your horse during the autumn to prevent it from developing a thick winter coat. It can also serve well as a transport rug, at least between spring and autumn. A sweat rug also keeps a sick horse warm and protects it from draughts.

If you are using the rug to sweat off the horse, it should stay on the animal until it stops sweating. A good sweat rug should allow the horse's sweat to disperse to the surface and appear as small droplets on the top of the rug. The time needed for the sweating to stop will vary from horse to horse. It also depends on the intensity of the exercise and the thickness of the horse's coat. You therefore need to keep checking by putting your hand between the rug and the horse's back.

If you want to use the rug to reduce the growth of the horse's winter coat, the rug should be left on the horse during both day and night from October onwards. Of course, this does not apply when the horse is working. This way it will prevent your horse from getting cold while suppressing the growth of the winter coat. For this purpose, the rug should not only have good chest fastening, but also cross straps on the belly.