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Feed Buckets

Feed Buckets

Horse feeders and horse feeding equipment should be replaced when worn to keep feeding regimens clean, safe and effective for proper stable care.
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Horse feeders are designed to help horses enjoy their meals in a clean, safe environment.

Feeding in a bucket on the ground or in a feeder attached to the stall are two safe, healthy options for ensuring your horse has an enjoyable mealtime. Buckets from Horze can mount to the wall or corner of the stall or be attached to the fence in the paddock. Adding a simple feeder to the pasture allows the horse to eat happily off the ground without ingesting unnecessary dirt and debris. Over the fence feeders are easy to move and relocate when you need. Try a quick and easy hanging manger to bring grain to pasture-kept horses. The simple design of hard rubber makes it easy to remove from the fence for cleaning.

Horse feeding equipment such as hay nets and racks provide a cost-effective way to be sure you horse isn’t wasting his hay.

Feeding hay on the ground is simple and natural but having a nice rack to keep it handy for your horse is a smart alternative. A simple hay net in the trailer provides entertainment and a snack for your horse to keep him occupied while traveling. Hay racks in the pasture avoid waste and are easy to fill. Add an automatic waterer to your horse’s stall to ensure that he has fresh water ready and available at all times.

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