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Hi Viz Horse Wear

Hi Viz Horse Wear

Hi viz horse gear is essential for nighttime riding and is designed to keep you safe and visible. Horse reflective wear features high visibility materials that can be easily seen in the dark.

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Hi vis horse gear will keep you and your horse visible in low light conditions.

Adding a simple pair of reflective horse boots can be a lifesaver at night. A hi vis halter can provide optimal visibility by glowing in car headlights. If bright yellow and orange is not your style, try the dark fabric options which look black during the day but glow in the headlights at night..

Reflective horse wear is ideal for maintaining visibility at night.

Keeping your horse safe during rides on the road is essential. The options for safe nighttime riding from Horze include quarter sheets with brightly coloured fabric and reflective tape, allowing you to be easily seen at night. A tail wrap with LED lights will really catch a driver’s eye, keeping you safe on your ride.