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Horse Feed & Supplements

Horse Feed & Supplements

Horse feeds such as pellets, grains and hay come in a variety of formulas. Horse supplements when fed properly with a careful diet are useful aids in preventing and treating many health conditions.
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Horse feed is an important decision and we offer the right option for every horse in your stable.

Horse feed is offered in many forms such as pellets, sweet feed, oats, and other blends. Grains and hay should be fed with your horse’s nutritional needs in mind. Age, size, gender and amount of exercise should be carefully considered when choosing the correct feed for your horse. Mares and foals have different needs than performance horses and careful attention to labels and protein content should be considered. The many options from Horze will ensure that your horse’s dietary needs are met and he is properly nourished.

Horse supplements can boost your horse’s nutrition and prevent or treat many conditions.

Horse supplements are offered in a variety of blends and formulas. Choose supplements to maintain healthy hooves with added biotin. Supplements for mares and foals offer the essentials to maintain proper growth in the early stages of life. As horses age, they can benefit from supplements to maintain healthy joints so feeding MSM or glucosamine-based vitamins can help keep your older horse comfortable and working into old age. Skin supplements can reduce irritation and aid in maintaining a soft, shiny coat. Of course the performance horse can benefit from added supplements to increase energy and endurance. Finding the right supplement for your horse’s needs should be done carefully and often it’s best to consult your veterinarian for advice on the best products for your desired results.