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Riding Whips & Crops

Riding Whips & Crops

Horse riding whips and crops are useful training aids. Riding whips are available in many lengths and colours and range from jumping bats to riding crops and dressage whips.
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The functions of horse whips and crops

Whips are used to get your horse's attention. Sensitivity is the key to success when using a whip, and a measured use of the whip is recommended, because using it too often usually makes your horse numb to whip aids.

A riding crop is basically a thin and flexible stick that is used as a riding aid. Riding crops are suitable for horses that are not very well trained, in order to additionally support the influence of the thighs, but a crop also makes sense for horses that are already trained and experienced, if they do not react to the thigh aids.

Crops for all disciplines

Depending on which riding style you prefer, you will find the right whip at Horze. For show jumping you should use shorter whips. For dressage, longer riding crops with a length of around 120 cm are recommended. Normal riding crops can be used for leisure riding, but are also suitable as all-rounders for other riding styles. Lunging whips are used for lunging and driving whips are the ideal tool for driving or horse racing.

Whips for lunging and driving

Special lunging whips are used for lunging, with one crack of the whip you can reach about 4-5 meters, i.e. the radius to always reach your horse safely.

For trotting and driving, carriage driving whips are indispensable. Driving whips can give you the decisive advantage in a race. They can be used to change gait more easily or to change speed. 

Whips and riding crops in a variety of styles

Horze offers a wide range of whips, such as dressage whips, jumping bats or whips for lunging. There are also special whips with a telescopic function that can be folded in and out for easy transport. There are also styles with gel handles, to prevent chafing on your breeches.

Horze offers riding crops and whips for all disciplines. Choose the right size and colour to suit you and your riding style.

The length of the whip will depend on the discipline. For show jumping, shorter riding crops with a wide leather swat are generally used, starting at about 50 cm. For dressage, longer riding crops with a length of 110 to 130 cm are recommended.