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Snaffle Bridles

English bridles include an assortment of styles like the popular hackamore bridle for training or show. Bridles are offered for every discipline and preference.

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English bridles are crafted of premium quality leather and can include options such as a classic hackamore for bitless training.

English bridles are offered with classic styling and outstanding craftsmanship. The choices of browbands, nosebands and reins allow the discerning rider to style the ideal bridle for the specific needs of the horse. Choose classic laced leather reins or plain, soft leather reins for use with an assortment of bits. For bitless riding, a standard traditional hackamore may be the preferred bridle of choice for the horse with special needs. The options at Horze are endless and finding the ideal English bridle will be a matter of personal preference and preferred price, not a lack of options.