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Women's Full Seat Breeches

Full seat breeches are the preferred choice for dressage riders. The added grip will keep you secure in the saddle. Flattering contrasting colours add style.

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Full seat riding breeches are ideal for dressage. Horze has the perfect pair for you!

Full seat riding breeches are perfect for dressage riders or anyone who wants added grip and security in the saddle. Choose from synthetic leather or silicone print full seat breeches from Horze in every color of the rainbow. Quality stitching and fine workmanship make these full seat riding breeches great for the serious competitor or the casual weekend rider. Your sitting trot will be smooth and fluid when you ride in these ultra high grip full seat breeches. Full seat breeches are designed for dressage and will keep you glued to the seat of your saddle. Breathable fabric allows comfort and coolness while you ride and many of our styles include contrasting color block patterns and designs.

Full seat breeches are a dressage rider’s best friend.

Full seat breeches such as the new thermo breeches add flair and fashion to your ride while providing you with the ultimate in added security and grip in the saddle. These soft breeches come in mid, low or high rise styles for any rider’s preference. Added details such as front and back pockets, rhinestones and fancy embroidered stitching give these elegant full seat riding breeches a special touch. Horze offers a wide assortment of full seat riding breeches for men, women and kids. Find your style today.