Sprenger Nathe Mullen Mouth Bit 20mm w/ Port And Additional Small Rings (70mm)

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Size Chart
Size A
95 9.5 cm
105 10.5 cm
115 11.5 cm
125 12.5 cm
135 13.5 cm
145 14.5 cm
155 15.5 cm
165 16.5 cm

When measuring the bit size, always measure the length from the inside of one bit ring (or cheekpiece) to the inside of the opposite one. Make sure the bit is straightened. The thickness of the bit is always measured just inside the bit ring. When placed in the horse’s mouth, there should be max. 5mm (¼") play on either side of the bit.

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What is special about NATHE bits?
They are made of high-quality thermoplast, which is a shape-retaining material with excellent comfort. Additionally, it is anti-allergenic and temperature-neutral. The smooth surface does not produce an eraser effect like rubber bits. NATHE bits ensure satisfaction and willingness to perform for sensitive and mouth-sensitive horses.


  • Mouthpiece with port, relieves the middle of the tongue
  • Big rings not pivotable to the outside, assists in riding turns
  • Small ring fixes big ring, limited sliding of the mouthpiece, direct effect on the tongue
  • Lies steady in the mouth, suitable for horses with contact problems
  • Bit guards protect the lips

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