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Sweet Itch Rugs

Sweet Itch Rugs

Sweet Itch rugs offer relief if your horse suffers from summer eczema. Choose from a variety of designs, complete with a neck piece and hood.
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Give your horse relief from sweet itch with a sweet itch blanket from Horze

Summer eczema in horses is a notorious and dreaded disease. This allergy is triggered, among other things, by midges, as horses are allergic to a certain protein in their saliva. Once sweet itch has occurred, you should act quickly to ensure summer remains pleasant for you and your horse.

All-round protection with the sweet itch rug

The Horze sweet itch rug offers complete protection, from tail to nose, thanks to the matching neck piece and the sweet itch hood that protects your horse's head. You can get maximum protection with the belly bib, which protects the horse's underside as well. The material is also lightweight and breathable, so your horse can continue to spend pleasant hours in the paddock without overheating. Take a look at our sweet itch rugs and say goodbye to those pesky midges.

The quickest and most effective way to help a horse suffering from sweet itch is to use a sweet itch rug. It is best to combine the sweet itch rug with a sweet itch hood. Then your horse's body, neck and head will be protected from insects. These insects are the trigger of the eczema.

In addition, you can spray your horse with an insect spray. Be careful not to irritate the horse's skin with the spray. If possible, horses with sweet itch should not go to pasture near streams, ponds or lakes, or at dusk when insects are common.

Unfortunately, it can take a long time to realise that your horse is suffering from sweet itch. Sweet itch is an allergic reaction of the horse's skin to certain biting insects. These insects release a substance can lead to an allergic reaction. Usually you cannot see the first signs of redness and small nodules under the horse's coat. At most, you will notice that your horse is very restless, thrashes its head frequently or tries to bite itself in certain places.

Eventually, it will rub itself often, lose hair and get bald patches that eventually turn into festering sores. When this happens, it's time to invest in a sweet itch rug. In addition, anything else that provides a cooling effect and reduces itching will help your horse.