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Back on Track

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Back on Track… because comfort makes a difference.

This incredible line of products combines innovation with science to bring you the tools to experience healing and comfort naturally. Chinese science combined with modern textile technology creates a process to use long-wave heat radiation to target specific muscle groups and joints to aid in healing. The therapeutic qualities of Back on Track products make them ideal for horses, dogs and humans. The fabrics of Back on Track products have ceramic fibers and particles woven into the materials to create a natural chemical reaction when placed on the body. When the ceramic particles heat up from body heat, they radiate heat back to the body and this reflected heat results in effective healing and therapy using natural energy.

Ceramic Fibre Innovation

Back on Track was founded in Sweden on the premise that heat energy can heal and strengthen the body. A special ceramic powder is sewn into the fabric of each Back on Track product with the purpose of creating a therapeutic result. Fibers of polyester and polypropylene are designed to work with these ceramic powders to encourage heat transfer. The simple natural system has been in existence for thousands of years in ancient China. This drug-free approach to healing has been proven effective and safe and now is offered through many Back on Track products to help improve or maintain quality of life for dogs, horses and humans around the globe.

Horse Tack and Equipment from Back on Track

Equine products from Back on Track include blankets, bandages, wraps and saddle pads. By creating natural heat, these products will help your horse move naturally and feel comfortable during recovery from injury or during training. The Back on Track Mesh Blanket provides instant relief from sore muscles when used during turnout. As the horse moves, the heat from his body transfers to the blanket and back again to his muscles to warm up and loosen fatigued, stiff limbs. A back warmer is ideal for increasing circulation and helping with range of motion issues. Keep this warmer in place prior to riding to keep your horse’s muscles relaxed or use it under a traditional blanket for an added layer of warmth and muscle release. A simple, classic saddlepads with a special ceramic fiber feature can ease back pain while riding and provide relief from sore, tired muscles.

Leg protection - Back on Track horse boots and bandages

Use the Royal exercise boots with durable Velcro fastenings and let the heat from your horse's tendons warm the fabric and then reflect it to improve circulation and performance. Proper warm up is essential to reduce the risk of injury and allowing the technology of Back on Track products to help will improve your ride and keep your horse happy and safe.

Back on Track for Riders

Back on Track products for people will allow you the same comfort and therapeutic qualities your horse enjoys. Knee braces, gloves, and trousers can provide all day comfort to keep you warm and relaxed in the saddle or around the stable. The neck warmer and back support products are ideal to wear while recovering from injury or when added support is needed. A supportive brace to add warmth and gentle support can make the difference between riding with grace and riding with pain. Back on Track products allow you to enjoy the winter months too. Heating up gloves from the inside out means your fingers won’t freeze during a ride and will let you focus on what’s most important: enjoying your horse. A knee brace from back on Track will give support while helping injury heal or providing just enough warmth to loosen up tired, sore joints. Improve your hours in the saddle with gentle knee protection and heat therapy.

Whatever your need, Back on Track has the product you and your horse need for an active, healthy, injury-free lifestyle.