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Bucas horse rugs - a success story

Bucas rugs are revolutionary and were one of the first truly waterproof and breathable rug lines on the market. Founded in 1981, Bucas rugs have been innovative in providing the appropriate turnout protection for horses in any weather. The Cork, Ireland area and its weather conditions lent itself to creating the water-resistant, durable blankets and rugs that Bucas has made its solid reputation around. The protection and quality of Bucas products is the ultimate in high quality equine apparel.

How Bucas horse rugs work

Bucas turnout rugs and blankets are created with their own Stay-Dry fabric to whisk away moisture and allow ultimate breathability and comfort. Sweat and moisture evaporate and leave your horse calm and comfortable and never overheated. Anti-bacterial treatment on the fabric keeps these stylish blankets fresh and looking like new and reduces the need for constant washing and care. Most Bucas rugs are styled with either a traditional or high-cut neck for rider preference and are created with darts and deep gussets for freedom of movement and to reduce binding. Bucas blankets offer optional hoods for added protection from cold and wind as needed.

Horse rugs made easy

The Bucas Click ‘n Go closure system is the easiest fastening system on the market and allows for a single hand movement. Don’t mess with extra buckles and straps when removing or replacing a rug. This system makes it easy to dress your horse and adjust its wardrobe as weather conditions change. Smooth nylon lines the shoulder area of many Bucas blankets and rugs and will help eliminate shoulder rubs. Horses without sore shoulders are happier and less cranky and will enjoy their turnout time without the discomfort of chafing. Stainless steel fittings on all of the Bucas products mean no rust and easy-to-fasten surcingles for long term wear and use. The breathable waterproof coating of these affordable blankets will make these a stable favorite.

Bucas Freedom Turnout & Smartex Rain

The breathable, waterproof coating of these affordable rugs will make them your favourite. The Bucas Freedom Turnout and Bucas Smartex Rain collections include a variety of different rain rugs to protect your horse from rain and wet weather.

The Bucas Buzz-Off Fly Protection Collection

Bucas is probably best known for their whimsical Bucas-Buzz-Off Zebra Collection. These fun and fashionable rugs with UV protection may look wild but serve a very important purpose. The Zebra pattern is actually a deterrent to pesky flies and insects, as the black and white design confuses them. The wild Zebra is never bothered by bugs and the black and white striped coat is such a distraction that flies and insects just stay away. These Buzz-Off products will definitely catch attention in the pasture but your horse will be his happiest as he grazes and relaxes in peace. Choose fly protection in options such as full turnout rugs, hoods, and quarter sheets for exercise and keep your horse protected from nasty insects under any condition. Add a fly mask during turnout and he’ll never feel a bug bite again.

Bucas now also offers a wide selection of other equestrian-related products such as cooler rugs, fly sheets and even dog jackets and coats. All of these stylish items are designed with the same high quality and attractive style as the rest of the Bucas blanket collection. Bucas is a gold standard in Irish horse clothing and will keep your horse comfortable and protected while keeping you within your budget.