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Dog Toys

Dog toys in plenty of styles will give your pup all day entertainment and pleasure. Choose from fun, enticing toys for every dog’s taste.

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Dog toys are the perfect gift and will provide endless entertainment for your pup.

Dog toys are a pleasant distraction for your pooch and will keep him happy for hours. Toss a ball or disc and engage him in a lively game of fetch. Add a squeaky toy to his day and watch his tail wag as he playfully chews away. Keep the temptation of chewing shoes and other unsafe household items away with a fun, colorful new dog toy from Horze. A fun game of tug-of-war with a rope toy or a soft stuffed animal will provide plenty of fun for your dog while you show him love and care. Dog toys are a safe alternative to chewing sticks too and will keep debris and other natural dirt out of your house.