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Icelandic Horse Tack & Equipment

Icelandic Horse Tack & Equipment

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All about the Icelandic horse

The Icelandic horse, also known as the gaited horse, has five natural gaits. Besides the three basic gaits  - walk, trot and canter - Icelandic horses have mastered tölt and pass. However, the horses from this northern island do not only differ from our warm-blooded horses by their special gaits. Due to their build, these small, robust horses also have special requirements when it comes to equipment. The Icelandic bridle, for example, hardly differs from the classical bridle as far as form and function are concerned, but it is adapted to the small, strong heads of Icelanders. The Icelandic saddle and the corresponding stirrups are specially designed for the rider's gaits and corresponding seat. A saddle pad is often placed under the saddle, which is modelled on the shape of the saddle. The bits are also adapted to the size of the Icelandic horse's mouth. As an Icelandic rider, you will find riding boots and Jodhpur breeches as well as jumpers with Icelandic motifs. For lovers of the horse breed, you can also find a number of accessories and gift items related to the Icelandic horse. The Karlslund brand in particular is featured here with its equipment for Icelandic horses.