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Pony & Shetland Tack

Pony & Shetland Tack

Pony equipment is specifically sized to meet the needs of ponies and miniature horses. We stock a wide choice of smaller sizes and cute designs to suit small riders.
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Special equipment for young riders and ponies.

Pony tack and equipment for young riders is made from the same high quality materials as the rest of the outstanding Horze collection. Choose pony saddlepads and pony bridles made specifically for ponies and Shetland ponies. Horze offers pony rugs, as well as protective pony boots. Halter and grooming accessories in smaller sizes are ideal for children and their pony friends, and most Horze products are available in sizes and styles to suit all tastes and budgets. Find the colours and styles your young rider will love.

Pony riders need the right equipment

Items such as tops, competition wear, breeches and riding boots for young riders are made to withstand the activities of children. It's always good to have kid-sized gloves in stock, too. The kids & Ponies collection is based on clothing carefully made for pony riders in fun and fashionable colours and designs. Breeches with added glitter, cool patches and logos complete this fashionable collection. Add a personal touch by personalising the items and your kids will enjoy showing off their Horze style in the stable or at school.

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