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Farrier Tools

Farrier Tools

Farrier tools and shoeing tools are specifically designed to fix horseshoes. Tools such as hoof rasps, hoof nippers, hoof protractors and hoof knives, as well as hoof jacks are available here.
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Farrier tools help to care for your horse's hooves.

Farrier tools are available for professionals and amateurs alike. While proper hoof trimming is best done by a professional, there are a number of hoof nippers or hoof rasps that can help in an emergency or to fix a loose horseshoe. A simple farrier's hammer can help you reattach a loose nail until the farrier can come to reattach it properly. Removing a dangerously loose shoe is an important measure to prevent lameness and the associated visit to the vet. If your horse's shoe is so loose that it could harm the horse, you should remove it with proper instruction until the vet or farrier arrives to repair the damage.

Sturdy hoof trimming tools - a must for the toolbox

Keep the barn running smoothly with tools that will keep your horses safe and sound. A good set of hoof-treatment tools can be used by a trained barn owner to check the hoof for lameness and determine if a visit from the veterinarian is needed. By pinching the sole of the hoof and applying gentle pressure, hoof tongs can help locate a tender spot in the hoof or identify an abscess. Make more holes in stirrup leathers by working them with a hole punch. The hole punch has five different settings to allow punching of different diameters. This tool is ideal for customising everything from girths to stirrups or leather spur straps.