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Kentucky Horsewear
Kentucky Horsewear

Kentucky Horsewear

Kentucky Horsewear is a Belgian brand specialising in equine leg protection for all disciplines. With a growing number of top international riders riding out, training and also competing with the leg protection. Names that can be mentioned include: Lars Nieberg, Kevin Staut, Patrice Delaveau, Bettina Hoy, and Karin Donckers. Founded in 2010, the company distributes its products throughout Europe, the United States of America and Australia. The name was licensed from the famous German equestrian clothing brand Kentucky Reitmoden, founded in 1961. The two companies operate separately and share only the name and logo, as well as the worldwide distribution network.

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Kentucky Horsewear the expert for horse boots

Kentucky Horsewear started in 2010 under its parent company Kentucky Reitmoden, which was founded in 1961 and is a leading equestrian outfitter in the international riding community. The Belgian brand Kentucky Horsewear specialises in horse boots for all equestrian disciplines, from show jumpers to event horses and everything in between. Top riders like Lars Nieberg, Kevin Staut, Patrice Delaveau, Bettina Hoy, Karin Donckers and more have endorsed and used this line of premium boots. Kentucky Horsewear has expanded to offer an extensive collection of equestrian products including saddle pads, half pads and girths.

Horse boots and over reach boots in a variety of styles

Horze is proud to carry protective horse boots for all your needs. Over reach boots are designed to protect the sensitive coronet band and pads of the horse's hooves to prevent injury from the rear horseshoes or from jumping over obstacles. The durable boots have a soft, protective collar made from natural sheepskin and are fully machine washable for optimum care.

Sheepskin lined boots for the front legs protect against impact with a robust outer shell and have optimum shock absorption. With a soft, padded lining, the boots protect and support the legs of the eventing horse when negotiating firm obstacles. These boots are created with patented high performance D3O technology to provide a lining that performs ultimate shock absorption.

Other horse accessories from Kentucky

Kentucky Horsewear's classic saddle Pads are designed to provide shock absorption and add extra protection with five layers of leather to reduce pressure points and protect your horse's back. Some half pads are lined with soft sheepskin for added comfort. All Kentucky Horsewear saddle pads are made with their unique Absorb fabric to wick away moisture and also maintain adequate padding and shock absorption.

When transporting your horse, protect its head with the soft padding of sheepskin on the lightweight nylon halter. This luxurious halter will pamper your horse during transport, ensuring it arrives at its destination fresh and relaxed. The soft cover over a high quality nylon halter makes transport a breeze. The halter is lightweight that your horse will feel very comfortable during transport.

Kentucky Horsewear is a premium brand that meets the needs of discerning riders. Each of these luxurious products will perform at its best for you and your horse. The quality of Kentucky Horsewear products is what you would expect from Horze.