Curry Comby

Curry Comby

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Karlslund Smart comb


Smart comb

Horze Flexible Large Rubber Curry Comb


Flexible Large Rubber Curry Comb

Sprenger Curry comb rubber, large


Curry comb rubber, large

Horze Magnetic Massage Brush


Magnetic Massage Brush

Sprenger Curry comb


Curry comb

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Sprenger Curry comb, reversable


Curry comb, reversable

Available now

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Curry combs for horses - massage and grooming in one

There are many different curry combs for horses, which perform similar functions and should not be missing from your grooming box:

  • The classic rubber curry comb has soft prongs and is moved over the horse's body in circular movements. In this way you loosen dust, dander and loose fur and at the same time provide a pleasant massage for your four-legged friend. The soft rubber makes the brush fit comfortably in your hand and the integrated hand strap ensures a firm grip. 
  • The needle curry comb (also called plastic curry comb) has a surface with countless small plastic needles (don't worry, they are not pointed!). Similar to the rubber curry comb, you use the needle curry comb to loosen dirt from the horse's coat, which you then brush off with a brush
  • The spiral curry comb is used when your horse has mud crusts or a thick winter coat in which dirt gets stuck and is difficult to remove. The metal rings are serrated to get even the most stubborn dried mud out of the coat. On the body, the spiral curry comb is comfortable for most horses, even if you press harder. On the legs, on the other hand, you should remove the mud very carefully with the spiral curry comb, because tendons, ligaments and joints are close to the surface here. By the way: you can use both sides of the metal rings of the spiral curry comb - one side is for the summer coat and the other for the winter coat!
  • The metal curry comb, which is also available in a plastic version, consists of several ovals laid one inside the other, just like the rubber curry comb. However, the metal curry comb does not have serrations, but the edges of the ovals are wavy. Like the rubber curry comb, this curry comb can also be used to massage loose fur and dust out of the coat. However, it is best suited for brushing out the grooming brush. After a few strokes with the body brush, you simply run it along the plastic/metal curry comb and thus move the dirt and dust out of the brush into the curry comb. You can simply tap it out and both will be clean again.