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Electric Wires

Electric Wires

Electric fence wire is ideal for enclosing a grazing area and keeping your horse contained. Electric fencing wire is easy to install and maintain with the replacement parts from Horze.
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Electric fence wire is ideal for enclosing paddocks and is more sturdy than tape.

Adding a row of electric fence wire can help keep your horse contained. Electric fence rope is slightly more durable than electric fence tape and will withstand harsh weather. Electric horse fence wire is made with strong polyethylene rope and is practically indestructible. The rope should ideally be used for fences that will remain in place for an extended period of time. Electric fence tape is most often used to create temporary fencing or to line an existing traditional paddock. Electric fence rope is a great choice for enclosing an area as a long term solution or to keep horses and other livestock out of a particular area. Electric fence coils are available in varying lengths and thicknesses and pair well with the insulators and connectors available from Horze.