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Hay Nets & Hay Bags

Hay Nets & Hay Bags

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Hay nets or hay bags for longer feeding times

Hay nets or hay bags are perfect for naturally extending the horse's feeding time. In the wild, horses spend significantly more time eating than in domesticated conditions. As the horse's digestive tract is very sensitive, making feeding times as long as possible is important. A hay net can help, because the horse has to pull hay out of the net in small portions. At the same time, this is a good activity for the horse. The finer the mesh of the hay net, the longer it takes the horse to eat the portion of hay. For horses that eat relatively slowly on their own, a hay net with a wider mesh is sufficient. For horses that spread their hay in the stall, a hay net is a good solution. Here, the hay can be kept together or hung up higher to prevent it from spreading. Some designs have extra hooks for hanging up the hay. Alternatively, very large nets can be stretched over whole round or square bales. Suspended hay nets can also be advantageous in the paddock. In herds, distributed hay nets can relax the hierarchy so that even animals of lower rank can feed and conflicts can be avoided. When travelling, a hay net is also the perfect companion and keeps the animal occupied in the trailer. In addition to our own brand, you will find hay nets from Kerbl, Kincade and Le Mieux in our range.