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Back on Track Back on Track Shoulder Guard

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Colour: Black
Black Back on Track Shoulder Guard
Size Chart
Height of the withers A Back length Rug size in CM B Rug size in inches (UK) B Rug size US
up to approx 90 65-80 cm 75 3'9'' 49'
up to approx 110 80-110 cm 85/95/105 4,3''/4'9''/5'0'' 52/53'/56/57'/60'
up to approx 130 110-130 cm 115/125 5'3''/5'6'' 63'/66'
up to approx 140 130-140 cm 130/135/140 5'9''/6'0''/6'3'' 69'/72'/75'
up to approx 165 140-160 cm 140/145/155 6'3''/6'6''/6'9'' 75'/78'/81'
up to approx 180 160-170 cm 155/165 6'9''/7'3'' 81'/84'

All measurements in the table are horse body measurements, not actual rug measurements. To obtain the rug size (EU), measure the horse’s back from the withers to the base of the tail in centimetres (A). Alternatively, to obtain the UK/US rug size in inches, measure from the horse’s chest to the rump (B).

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Our new unique Back on Track shoulder guard is a fantastic product to aid the blood circulation around the shoulder girdle due to the unique function of our Welltex®- fabric. This guard has snug – fit design covering pectorali’s muscle in the chest, trapezius around the withers as well as the deltoid muscle. Back on Track shoulder guard can be used for the prevention of muscle tears which are very common injuries with horses and the healing process can often be timely.The Back on Track shoulder guard also minimizes the rubbing effect of blankets. The three pads on the sides aid to relieve the pressure from the withers and the shoulder. These are made of high functional three dimension padding for best airflow. This cover can be used all year round and is perfect for the cold winter days. The Back on Track shoulder guard is ideal for horses that have to perform where the muscles are under the utmost strain and by using this guard injuries may be prevented. This guard is also suitable to be used on horses recovering from shoulder injury or for their wellbeing in general.

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