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Horse Rugs

Horse rugs provide an extra layer of protection from the elements such as cold, rain, sun or pests. Horse blankets and sheets will keep your horse happy and comfortable no matter the weather.
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Frequently asked questions about Horse Rugs

The answer to this question depends on the type of horse rug you are talking about. There are sweat rugs, rain sheets, turnout rugs, stable rugs, winter rugs, kidney rugs and fly sheets. Each of these rugs has a special function, is made of a different material and therefore has a different weight.

With horse rugs, weight means the thickness of the lining, not the total weight of the rug. This would also depend on the size of the rug. The weight of the lining is given in grams per square metre. Unlined rain covers therefore have a weight of 0 g/m². Lightly lined rugs start at 50 g/m". Turnout, cooler and stable rugs are between 50 and 250 g/m". Winter rugs start at 300 g/m². They usually reach up to 600 g/m². However, there are also rugs for extreme temperatures that have fillings of up to 800 g/m².

In summer you only need a cooler rug and possibly a rain rug. In spring and autumn, a lightly lined turnout rug is appropriate, especially if your horse is clipped. The type of winter rug your horse needs depends on whether or not it's clipped and whether it's is kept in an open stable. A clipped horse in an open stable needs a winter rug with a thicker filling than an unshorn animal in a stall. At temperatures below 5°C you should cover a clipped horse with a winter rug with a filling of approx. 300 grams.

If the temperature drops significantly below 0°C, a thicker winter rug would be better. However, the winter rug should not be too thick or the horse will sweat under it. In European latitudes, winter rugs up to 600 g/m² are perfectly adequate. Even in winter, an unshorn horse needs a waterproof, windproof, lined rain rug rather than a winter rug. The cold alone does not bother the horse, but wind and rain do.

Every horse owner should have a cooler rug. If your horse is not clipped and is stabled indoors, this is usually sufficient. For a clipped horse and for animals in an open stable, however, you need more rugs. As practical as a clipped horse is on the one hand, it also gets cold quickly. Therefore, you should have several rugs of different thicknesses for such an animal.

It is especially important for open stables that the rugs are waterproof and breathable. Then you can usually leave them on the horse all day without hesitation. In spring and summer, a fly sheet can be useful for grazing. Horses suffering from summer eczema should definitely be protected by such a rug. If you often transport your horse in a trailer, a transport rug can be useful. For occasional transport, however, a sweat rug is also sufficient.

To find the right size rug, measure the length of your horse from the withers to the base of the tail. The lengths of horse rugs vary in 10 cm increments. Therefore, it is usually no problem to find a suitable horse rug. This only becomes problematic if your horse is particularly thin or extremely stout. With very thin horses, the neckline is usually too big. This causes the rug to slip down the back. A cut neck can solve the problem.

If your horse is very stout or if it is a stallion with an appropriate neck, the neckline is often too tight. This makes the rug very uncomfortable for the horse and it may try to pull it off. In this case, a chest expansion helps. This is a small piece of rug that is buckled in the chest area and increases the size of the neckline.

Horseflies can become a real nuisance on rides, in the paddock or in an open stable. The animals then become restless, beat their heads and kick. Fly sheets, preferably with a neck piece, protect the largest part of the horse's body from these pests. The fly sheet material is usually treated with an insect repellent spray. An additional fly mask protects the horse's head when out in the pasture or in an open stable.

However, you should remove the fly mask when riding out. In principle, you can leave the fly blanket on the horse when you go for a ride and buckle the saddle over it. This may look a bit strange, but it can be very useful for horses that are sensitive to insects.

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