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Mucking Out Equipment

Mucking Out Equipment

Pitchforks, manure collectors and stable brooms are available in different colours and great handles. Simplify daily stable work and mucking out with the right tools from Horze.
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Horze Stall Butler
RRP -25%


Stall Butler

RRP: €34.95
Horze Durable Basket Pitchfork replacement Head
RRP -25%


Durable Basket Pitchfork replacement Head

RRP: €24.95
Horze Economy Metal Stable Fork Shaft
RRP -25%


Economy Metal Stable Fork Shaft

RRP: €14.95
Offer ends shortly
Horze Replacement Plastic Fork Head
RRP -25%


Replacement Plastic Fork Head

RRP: €17.95
Roma Shovel

Roma Shovel

Available now
Roma Brights Stable Manure Collector


Brights Stable Manure Collector


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Pitchforks and stable brooms are a must for keeping the stable clean

Mucking out stalls is a necessary daily chore, so why not make it as convenient as possible? The tools offered by Horze to complete this task are designed to take the pressure off. Mistgabeln are designed for separating manure from shavings in order to save bedding. Comfortable handles also help to simplify the task. The tines are designed to pick up manure while allowing dry litter to fall through. Replacement handles for pitchforks with telescopic handles and new plastic heads allow you to maintain your favourite fork and replace only the parts that wear out after many years of use. The pitchforks are lightweight and designed at the right length to make mucking out easy. The handles are not too long, allowing for comfortable handling. Some handles are too short and cause back pain. This particular design of high quality pitchforks allows comfort no matter how many stalls you have to muck out.

Brighten up the stable in no time with a stable broom

Cleaning up after the constant running and activity in any stable requires a stable broom and Horze's options make this task easy. Keep paths and walkways free of debris by using a broom designed for pavement and other hard surfaces. Replace a worn brush head on a commercial style with a hard bristle option and sweeping chips, dirt, mud, hay and dust becomes easy. Always keep an extra broom in the trailer to keep it clean wherever you go. A smaller broom fits easily in the tack room of the trailer and helps you clean the trailer ramp or the guest stall at a show. Horze has all the tools you need to keep your environment clean and fresh.