Fly Control for Horses

Fly Control for Horses

Fly protection is a very important matter for both you and your horse, which is why you will find a wide range of fly protection products here.
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Whether in the stable or in the paddock, when riding out or training in the arena, annoying flies seem to be everywhere. But flies are not only a nuisance when riding or handling the horse in general.  Their bites can cause itching or pain and even trigger summer eczema or transmit diseases. In order to be fully protected against these vicious insects in various situations, you can find a comprehensive range of fly protection products for horses at Horze.

From fly blankets to ear bonnets and fly spray

For riding or training, you need a fly rug. If your horse is particularly bothered by flying insects, you should consider a rug with a neck piece and ear bonnet.

For sensitive horses that are prone to allergies, a sweet itch rug is necessary, which offers particularly comprehensive protection against biting and stinging while providing the horse with relief. For the stable or for indoor training, fly spray may be enough. One thing is certain: where there are horses, there are also flies. With the extensive range of fly repellents for horses from Horze, you are prepared for any situation and can protect not only yourself, but also your horse against the annoying insects.

Fly protection for horses is an important topic for every horse owner. When horses notice flies or other insects, they often become extremely agitated. Flies like to sit on the horse's head, while horseflies bite on the thinner skin of the horse's belly.

Fortunately, there are numerous products available to protect your horse from these pests. These range from simple headcollars with fringes around the eyes, to fly masks, ear bonnets, and fly blankets. In addition, there are various sprays and lotions that are intended to repel insects from the horse. Which fly repellent is best for your animal depends on the situation and on your horse. A stay in the pasture has different requirements than a ride and not every animal tolerates fly bonnets.

The best way to protect your horse's head is to wear a fly bonnet or fly mask that covers the ears, eyes and nose. However, not all animals like such a bonnet. If your horse has trouble with this, try a fringe headcollar. This does not protect against UV rays, but is quite effective against flies around the eyes.

You can protect your horse's body with a rug. Such rugs are available in many designs, for example with or without a neck piece. Some of these rugs, which are especially designed to protect horses against flies, are also treated with chemicals to repel insects. You can get horse rugs that offer both fly and UV protection.