Veredus Guarnieri Mini Chap Accordo

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Colour: Black
Black Veredus Guarnieri Mini Chap Accordo
Size Chart
Size A Height B Width
XXS 39 cm 32 cm
XS 41 cm 32 cm
XSH 44 cm 33 cm
SS 40.5 cm 34.5 cm
S 42.5 cm 33.5 cm
SH 45.5 cm 33.5 cm
MS 42 cm 36.5 cm
M 44.5 cm 35.5 cm
MH 47.5 cm 36 cm
LS 44.5 cm 39 cm
L 46.5 cm 38 cm
LH 49.5 cm 38.5 cm
XLS 46 cm 41 cm
XL 47.5 cm 40.5 cm
XLH 50.5 cm 40.5 cm

It is important that all measurements for tall riding boots are made in the sitting position. All measurements in the table are body measurements, not actual boot measurements. Height: Measure from the floor and up to the outside of the knee. Calf: Measure around the widest part of the calf. (Note: measure over both socks and breeches!)

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Mini chap with YIN-YANG System.

Our Short boot ARMONIA and mini chap ACCORDO are made with a new innovative system: YIN YANG SYSTEM - fast and innovative hooking and unhooking system.Thanks to this system our short boot and mini chap looks like a long boot together.


  • YIN YANG SYSTEM: fast and innovative hooking and unhooking system
  • Thanks to the innovative YIN YANG system short boot Armonia and mini chap Accordo look like a long boot together

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