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Women's Jodhpurs & Breeches

Women's Jodhpurs & Breeches

Riding breeches for women are available in all styles - from classic riding breeches with full seat to high waist riding breeches. Also available are leather riding breeches, trendy denim riding breeches for women, and the latest Horze riding breeches collections. The perfect breeches guarantee an ideal seat in the saddle and comfort while riding.
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Riding breeches for women

Breeches have been developed for sporting use and tailored to all the associated requirements. They are therefore indispensable for a good riding experience and optimum support in the saddle. However, women's riding breeches are no longer just appreciated for their sporting benefits but also celebrated in terms of fashion. In addition to trendy styles such as riding leggings for women inspired by the current fitness world, or unbeatably practical breeches with a mobile phone pocket on the thigh, you can always opt for the classic basic versions when it comes to breeches. Women's breeches with full seat, women's knee patch breeches, and breeches in black or blue are all timeless, including the latest Horze breeches, which are available in a wide variety of looks and offer a wide range of combination option. 

Women's breeches

No matter whether you are still at the beginning of your riding career or are already a professional, riding breeches are part of the basic gear of every female rider. There is now an almost infinite number of different styles, all of which differ in material, colour, cut or trim. Whether you choose strong, tough or light materials, full seat or knee patches, leather patches, extremely non-slip grip or imitation leather patches, high waist breeches or low rise breeches is entirely up to your individual preferences. 

Women's breeches with full seat 

When it comes to choosing between women's breeches with full seat and women's knee patch breeches, opinions are divided. This is particularly true since breeches with full seat are on the rise. Generally speaking, if you need a little more support in the saddle, full seat breeches make sense. However, it is precisely this advantage that puts some riders off full seat breeches. This is because with some full seat breeches with grip you almost stick to the saddle. This may be advantageous for many novice riders, as it gives a feeling of security. However, advanced riders prefer less restrictive grip in the saddle, as this allows a freer and more flexible seat. Full seat leather breeches stick slightly less to the saddle but still offer excellent support. For this reason, they have stood the test of time. In the past, real leather was used. Nowadays, animal-friendly artificial leather is used, which is cheaper and easier to care for. Artificial leather full seat breeches also offer good support without sticking to the saddle. 

Riding leggings: inspired by fashion

Riding leggings (or tights) have become popular basics and should not be missing from any rider's wardrobe. They stand for a trendy and sporty lifestyle look - which they also represent in equestrian sports. Most riding leggings probably fall under the category of summer breeches. They are usually similar to traditional riding breeches for women: there are riding leggings with full seat and riding leggings with knee patches. They are usually cut a little higher in the waistband, so riding leggings with a high waist fit particularly well. Even in winter you don't have to do without your favourite riding leggings. Many top brands like Ariat and Pikeur offer cosy, warm thermal riding leggings with a full seat for the cold season. winter riding leggings for women are lined with a warm micro fleece and keep your legs warm and dry. 

Jodhpurs for women

Jodhpurs for women with a full seat are very popular with leisure riders and western riders alike. The main difference to classic breeches is the unique cut and trim of the Jodhpur breeches. Unlike riding leggings, Jodhpurs are loose and airy on the leg and end in a flare, with the trim going all the way to the end of the flare. The flare makes the Jodhpurs perfect for combining with simple Jodhpur boots or riding shoes, extra half chaps or riding boots are not necessary. The Jodhpurs offer sufficient support in the saddle due to the extended trim. To prevent the flare from sliding up during riding, there is an elastic foot strap at the end of the trouser leg, with which the trousers are fastened to the shoe. For this reason, particular attention should be paid to the length of the trousers. Jodhpur breeches in short sizes are suitable for small ladies.

Waterproof riding breeches for women

Not quite as chic as riding leggings but just as practical are women's waterproof riding trousers for women. Whether at the show, on the way to the riding hall, at the outdoor arena or on a trail ride in the rain, a pair of waterproof riding trousers is simply part of the basic tack for horse and rider, just like turnout rugs. Traditionally, rain overtrousers are pulled over the normal riding breeches. These waterproof trousers are therefore ideal for shows. In case of sudden rain showers, waterproof overtrousers protect your white breeches from mud and rain. However, there are also waterproof breeches. So if you like to keep dry while looking a little more stylish, there are also waterproof breeches from brands such as LeMieux.

Winter breeches for women

Freezing in winter is a thing of the past. Trendy winter breeches for women keep you cosy and warm and look like normal breeches from the outside. Winter breeches are usually made of a softshell material. The microfibre fleece inside the softshell breeches provides excellent warmth and keeps legs warm and dry. So-called women's thermal breeches are available in different colours and fits, with knee patches or full leather or silicone patches. Most winter riding breeches are very hard-wearing and made from a waterproof and heat-insulating softshell material. Warm breeches with fleece lining ensure a cosy, warm and dry riding feeling even in icy, damp and cold temperatures. 

Show breeches for women

Be it show jumping, dressage or eventing - at horse shows you wear white to cream-coloured breeches. Otherwise, show breeches for women are no different from traditional breeches. They are available with a full leather or silicone seat, with knee patches, as riding leggings or Jodhpurs - choose according to your own preferences. Apart from the basic colour, a lot is possible with competition breeches. Glitter appliqués, embellishments, contrast stitching and other highlights have long been part of everyday show wear. To complete the perfect show outfit around the white breeches for women, the matching show jackets for women and a sporty, chic women's show shirt should not be missing. Trendy brands like Horseware, Cavalleria Toscana and Spooks leave nothing to be desired. 

Three absolute must-haves when it comes to riding breeches

  • Ladies' breeches with full leather seat. These classic ladies' breeches are one of the absolute basics for every rider. The full seat made of traditional leather or imitation leather creates a great seat and offers excellent grip in the saddle without restricting freedom of movement. 

  • Ladies' denim breeches with full seat. Denim always works, which is why these have a permanent place in the wardrobe of every trend-conscious female rider. They flatter the figure and skilfully accentuate it, as they fit the leg like a second skin. In addition, denim breeches for women with full seat are very versatile. With a smart polo shirt from HV Polo you can create an elegant look, and with sporty functional shirts, such as those from Eskadron, you can create a relaxed, sporty outfit. 

  • Women's Jodhpurs. If you prefer a more relaxed look, women's Jodhpurs with full seat are the perfect choice. They cover your legs only slightly and are much more airy than classic breeches or the trendy riding leggings. With Jodhpurs, you are clearly opting for comfort. 

Softshell breeches 

Softshell trousers have been used in outdoor sports for many years. And so it is only natural that this trend has also quickly conquered equestrian sports. Softshell riding breeches are comfortable and very hard-wearing. At the same time, they are ultra-flexible and light. They also offer particularly good thermal insulation and provide reliable protection against wind and rain. At the same time, they are very comfortable to wear. Softshell breeches for women feel soft and comfortable on the skin. They are available as classic riding breeches but also as softshell riding leggings. Softshell breeches are usually used in winter. The lining of the winter softshell breeches is a real high-tech fabric. It is very breathable, but offers optimal protection against wind and cold due to the micro fleece lining. Of course, these highly functional breeches are also available in correspondingly chic styles. The Pikeur Softshell breeches are right at the top of the range. Not only do they perform well, but you will always look good in them, both in winter and in summer. 

Denim jodhpurs for women 

Jeans have always been one of those items of clothing that you can never get enough of. By now, they have also become a timeless fashion must-have in equestrian sports. Denim breeches for women therefore belong in the wardrobe of every trend-conscious rider. Practicality used to be the only thing that mattered. Today, once functionality is taken care of, design and appearance become the deciding factors. Top brands like Cavallo and PS of Sweden take their cue from the latest denim trends and cleverly combine them with the requirements riding breeches must meet. Accordingly, denim breeches are available in a wide variety of cuts and trim materials. From denim Jodhpurs to denim breeches with full seat - everything is possible. 

Breeches with mobile phone pocket

We hardly ever leave the house without our mobile phone, it has become a daily companion and should not be missing when riding. But where is the best place to stow it? After all, such an important device must be well protected and within easy reach in an emergency. In winter this is usually not a problem, as there is always enough space in your riding jackets, coat or gilet. But where do you put your mobile phone in summer? The solution is breeches with a mobile phone pocket. Almost all styles of breeches are now available with a practical mobile phone pocket. The market offers everything from Jodhpur breeches with mobile phone pockets to riding leggings with mobile phone pockets. The classic riding breeches are extended by a sufficiently large pocket on the thigh or diagonally above the seat. This means that the mobile phone lies flat against the leg and can neither slip nor fall out of the pocket. For quick access, breeches with a mobile phone pocket on the thigh are preferable. The mobile phone can be pulled out of the pocket quickly and easily, even when riding. Higher mobile phone pockets have the disadvantage that they can be a little trickier to access while riding. 

Breeches as a statement

It's no secret that women love to shop - female riders are rarely an exception. Investing in a new pair of breeches is always worthwhile. This is especially true for fancy breeches that make a real statement. Basics like black breeches and blue breeches still belong in every wardrobe, but they don't make you look like a real fashion queen. So what makes statement breeches for women? The trend is characterised by bright colours, new fabrics and unusual details. So how about red breeches or trendy and even vegan leather breeches from PS of Sweden? Breeches with glitter or elegant decorative stitching are also very fashionable and real showstoppers. However, it is important to choose rather plain riding riding T-shirts or riding jumpers to go with the stylish breeches for women, which match the colour of the breeches but do not distract from your statement breeches. 

Now you are spoilt for choice - all riding breeches styles have their advantages. Decide according to your personal taste and use. You can find all styles at Horze. Discover top brands such as Schockemöhle, Covalliero and Imperial Riding. You will also find great men's riding breeches and a wide range of riding breeches for children.


In equestrian sports there are different types of  breeches for different disciplines. But good breeches have their price and finding the right ones can take some time. So it's only really worth buying them when you're sure you're going to stick with riding. For the first few rounds on the horse, sturdy jeans are also sufficient. Once you've been bitten by riding fever without any ifs and buts, you should start thinking about the right trousers.

You alone decide which model is best for you. Every rider has their own preferences. It is best to try on several models. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable in your new breeches. However, to give beginners in particular sufficient stability in the saddle, full seat breeches are recommended. The grip for good contact to the saddle should run from the knees to the seat. Such breeches do not let you shift back and forth in the saddle as regular trousers that have no grip. This gives you greater stability and a firm seat in the saddle.

The right breeches for your figure are those which you feel most comfortable in and which you feel good in. Slim riders who don't want to conceal anything can wear almost any pair of breeches. Stronger riders often feel comfortable in trousers that give way a little due to a high stretch content. This makes them feel less limited in their movements.
If you have a problem with the tight-fitting trousers because of stronger calves, you can opt for jodhpur trousers with bootcut. These have a flared leg and are also ideal if you want to wear riding shoes instead of high riding boots. A bootcut flatters strong thighs.

Are you particularly small or tall? Then you can choose shorter riding breeches or ones with extra long legs. Those are available from many different kinds of brands and in various models. Would you like to flatter your figure and optically stretch yourself a bit? Make sure that the seat or knee patch of your breeches is darker than the outer fabric. This stretches your body optically and makes you look slimmer. Short legs are stretched visually with long side seams or contrasting seams on the sides.

Especially on very warm days, horse and rider sweat easily. Having airy and comfortable summer breeches is worth their weight in gold. But which breeches are best?

The most important thing is the right fabric. Breeches should not be too thick and be able to transport moisture away from the body instead of soaking up your sweat.
Special synthetic fibres made of polyester are best suited for this. Light and high-quality workmanship makes them very comfortable on the skin. Natural materials such as cotton, as used in jeans, are heavy and quickly give you the feeling of being sweaty, since they do not transport sweat away from the body but keep it in. Full seat riding breeches are often very warm and not breathable. Depending on the breeches it can happen that the rider feels stuck to the saddle.

On very warm days, breeches with no seat or with knee patch are most comfortable. However, some manufacturers also offer full seat riding breeches with sufficient grip from a material suitable for summer. Breeches with mesh inserts are even more breathable. Riding tights are also worth considering, as they are particularly light in material. Lighter breeches stay cool in the sun, while black ones can get very hot. So you should rather go for lighter-coloured breeches in the summer.


The best breeches are those which you feel most comfortable in and which allows you to sit firmly in the saddle without pressure or rubbing. To be clear: there is no such thing as the best breeches for everyone. Every figure is different, every rider has different demands on their breeches, and not every price range is the same.

Whether you get along better with full seat or knee breeches depends on your preference. Full seat breeches offer more stability, which is an advantage especially for beginners, while knee patch ones offer more freedom for movements. If you like to wear tall riding boots, breeches that traditionally fit tightly to the calf are the best choice.  On the other hand, boot cut trousers flared at the leg are good for riding shoes. You should feel comfortable with your new look.
However, not every pair of riding breeches flatters every figure. You should try out different models and find the one that suits you best.


Whether full seat or knee patch breeches are the better choice for you, depends on your preferences and your riding requirements. While good full seat breeches gives you stability at the knees as well as the thighs and seat area, knee patch breeches gives you more freedom of movement.

Especially in summer you will start sweating more easily with full seat breeches, but on cold days they offer more protection against cooling down. Which breeches are right for you also depends on your riding style. Due to a lot of movements in western disciplines for instance, full seat breeches are most suitable here. You will also benefit from the extra support in the saddle and the better protection of your seat when you are on trail rides and demanding rides.
For easy rides you need plenty of freedom of movement and therefore breeches with knee patches are the better choice. There is no general answer to this question, however, as riding tastes vary a lot. Some riders even swear that they prefer breeches without seat as they get along best with those.


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