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Riding Hats & Body Protectors

Riding Hats & Body Protectors

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Riding helmets and body protectors: because safety first!

No matter how well-behaved your horse is or how long you have known each other, riding involves certain risks. That's why you should always protect yourself with a riding helmet. A body protector is especially useful when jumping or cross-country riding. Safety equipment in equestrian sports has come a long way and nowadays fulfils not only safety standards but also aspects of comfort and style.

Did you know? Riding helmets and body protectors

In cross-country competitions, the body protector is an absolute must. In all other disciplines, only the riding helmet is compulsory. In dressage in particular, it took a long time for the classic dressage helmet to be replaced. Western sport is also becoming increasingly friendly with the riding helmet and is replacing the traditional western hat with a helmet that provides safety. Speaking of replacing a riding helmet: even a high-quality riding helmet has to be replaced after eight years at the latest, unless there was a fall beforehand. Then, of course, you need a new helmet sooner, because the helmet shell can be damaged in a fall and thus will no longer protect your head. 

Riding helmets combine safety, comfort and style

To ensure you enjoy wearing your riding helmet, it should first and foremost fit well and be comfortable. In the case of riding helmets, comfort, along with the fashion aspect, makes up the price, because all helmets meet the required safety standard. A light weight or particularly good ventilation make a riding cap comfortable to wear, especially in summer. Some models go beyond the required safety, such as the Uvex Exxential Mips or the Uvex Elexxion Tocsen
Other comfort features include a washable helmet lining, a ponytail cut (so you can pull your ponytail through the helmet), or a wheel with which you can adjust the size. An adjustable and softly lined chin strap rounds off a comfortable helmet. As far as the look is concerned, there are almost no limits to the variety of riding helmets available today: matt, shiny, with glitter, in an Alcantara look or studded with crystals, everyone will find their new dream helmet here. In addition to our own brand, you will also find riding helmets from Uvex, GPA and Back on Track in our shop.

Additional protection thanks to body protectors and back protectors

When riding cross-country, jumping or breaking in young horses, a lot of safety is required. In addition to the riding helmet that protects your head, a body protector or back protector ensures that the sensitive spine is protected. The body protector additionally encloses your ribcage and thus also protects ribs and internal organs from injury.  

Body protector vs. back protector

Both are made of synthetic foam and are otherwise very similar. However, a back protector only covers the spine, whereas a body protector also covers the chest area. The body protector is therefore more protective, but is also potentially more restrictive than the back protector. Unlike riding helmets, which conform to a safety standard and are therefore 'all equally safe', body protectors and back protectors are categorised by level. The rule of thumb is generally: the thicker the material, the higher the protection.

Finding the right body protector

With a body protector or back protector, the most important thing to pay attention to is the length of the back, as this is not adjustable. The lower end must not rest on the saddle and restrict your movement. You can adjust the body protector to suit you with various adjustment options so that you are optimally protected and can move freely. For added comfort, many body protectors are made of breathable materials. You will find many different innovative, lightweight and high-quality back protectors and body protectors from Komperdell, Zandona and Kavalkade