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Women’s Riding Clothing

Women’s Riding Clothing

At Horze you will find women's riding clothing in a wide variety of styles: functional and practical, fashionable and colourful, classy and elegant - the choice is yours.
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Riding clothing for any occasion, discipline or style

Fashionable styles and colours are making their way into equestrian sports, so Horze's range of women's riding clothes has something for everyone, and for every purpose. No matter what riding wear you are looking to buy today, we have something for you.

Riding clothes - from head to toe

Whether you're popping by the stable or going to a riding lesson to prepare for your next show, you'll need the right riding clothes for the occasion. Yard boots that are comfortable and dry even in bad weather, riding underwear for women that doesn't bother or chafe you during the lesson, women's riding tops that won't restrict your freedom of movement, and a riding jacket that won't damage the saddle, while keeping you warm (but not too warm!) - all these and more are a must for any rider.

At Horze you will find a huge selection of riding clothes for women, from budget options to luxury lines. Choose from classic styles in muted, understated colours, or bright, trendy riding clothes- no matter what weather or discipline you're shopping for, you're sure to find what you're looking for on our site.

Waterproofs, show riding clothes and equestrian base layers

As riders, we tend to spend time outdoors on a regular basis. The right riding clothes help keep us warm in winter, cool in summer and comfortable through the changing seasons. With our women's waterproof riding clothes, you will stay dry even during a downpour in the field, and with the right women's show clothes, the rosette will look even better. Specialist underwear and base layers are also important, as you want everything should stay in place without disturbing the seamless connection between your riding breeches or riding tights and the saddle. Complete your look with a matching riding jacket.

If your riding club wants to impress in matching colours, you're sure to find something suitable in our Women's club clothing section. You can also stock up on a riding coat to keep you warm and dry when you go for a ride in the countryside together. Horze's extensive range offers you the right riding clothes for all weathers and occasions.

Your choice of riding clothes would depend on the season, as well as where, how and how often you ride. If you're an absolute beginning looking to try out horse riding once or twice, you certainly don't need to buy a full set of specialist riding clothes. However, a pair of knee patch breeches can still be a good investment, as they will prevent you from chafing along the seams of your jeans. For your own safety, you should also have a properly fitted riding helmet. If you ride regularly, you should invest in more specialist riding clothes. In addition to breeches and a helmet, basic riding gear includes riding boots or half chaps with riding shoes, and possibly riding gloves. The right underwear is one type of riding clothing that is unfortunately often neglected, but can greatly increase your comfort levels. The wrong knickers in particular can chafe due to poorly placed seams and can be extremely uncomfortable while riding. If you intend on riding in wet weather, you may also want to invest in appropriate waterproof riding clothes. 

As long as you don't intend on taking part in a show, you can wear pretty much anything for summer riding. For safety reasons, you should never ride without a riding helmet, even if it might feel a bit warm in summer. You should also wear breeches or well-fitting jeans, as this will prevent your legs from chafing against the horse's body. If leather boots are too uncomfortable for you in high temperatures, you can switch to half chaps and riding shoes. At you can buy these riding clothes at a great price. In the "Women's riding clothes" section you will also find many beautiful T-shirts and polo shirts for your summer rides. Wearing gloves in warm weather doesn't sound very appealing at first. However, it can be useful to keep the reins from slipping through your hands should they become sweaty. For this purpose, there are simple riding gloves made of a relatively thin fabric. 

In winter you will quickly get cold feet in regular leather riding boots. Special winter riding boots are far more comfortable. These have a warm lining and are available in both neoprene and leather. Winter riding boots are often sold as thermal riding boots. As an alternative, lined riding boots can be worn in combination with half chaps. Thermal riding underwear is another item that makes winter riding more comfortable. For extremely cold days, you can supplement your riding clothes with thermal winter riding breeches. You can choose between styles that are worn over standard riding breeches and styles that replace your regular breeches or Jodhpurs altogether. A pullover or fleece riding jacket will keep your upper body warm.For winter riding, lined riding jackets or coats are recommended. Apart from keeping you nice and warm, they also tend to feature reflective elements. Visibility is always important, but especially in the dark and dull season.