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Pony Saddle Pads

Pony Saddle Pads

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Pony saddle pads - Saddle pads for the little ones

There are special pony saddle pads for ponies and small horses. This is because the riding pony is more or less a warmblood in mini format. In addition, small horses and ponies are primarily ridden by children. This also results in different requirements for the size of a saddle pad. A child's saddle or pony saddle is cut shorter and has a smaller seat, which allows the child's body to sit optimally. Due to the resulting saddle format, a normal sized saddle pad is not to be used, but a pony saddle pad. The designs of these pony saddle pads are often adapted to children and have bright colours or cheerful motifs

Everything for the pony 

In addition to the pony saddle pads, there is of course the rest of the gear in pony size. You will find pony boots,pony bridles and pony halters in our shop. A pony rug in the same colour as the headcollar and saddle pad is also a must. You will even find the perfect size of saddle pad for your Shetland pony. In addition to products from our own brand, you will also find pony saddle pads from Harcour in our shop.  

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