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Horse Grooming Kits, Boxes & Bags

Horse Grooming Kits, Boxes & Bags

Grooming boxes and grooming bags are available in different styles to store all grooming tools. A well-stocked grooming box makes daily grooming of the horse a breeze.
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Keep your stable tidy with grooming boxes and grooming bags.

Your horse's grooming kit can quickly look untidy. So that you can keep everything in one place, there are grooming boxes or grooming bags. These sturdy rectangular boxes are usually made of plastic and have several compartments inside for storing dandy brushes, curry combs, grooming brushes, hoof scrapers and grooming supplies such as hoof oil This way you can find everything quickly and your grooming tools won't get dusty. Some models are especially large so that you can even store bottles of mane spray or fly spray in them. Grooming boxes and bags come in a huge variety of colours and styles, from simple monochrome versions to shiny metallic ones. You can easily choose your new grooming box in your favourite colour. In addition to our own brand, you can find grooming bags from LeMieux and Grooming Deluxe

Grooming bags - what is the difference?

A grooming bag is not as robust as a grooming box, but it is more flexible and easier to squeeze into the last corner of your saddle cupboard. In addition, a grooming bag looks super stylish. With practical handles and a long shoulder strap, you have your hands free and can transport your equipment from the tack room to your horse in one go. The many compartments on the outside of the grooming bag also offer storage space for all the brushes, sponges and scissors you want to stow away. Eskadron even offers colour-coordinated grooming bags to match the respective collections. Take a look at our range of grooming bags from Horseware, Harcour and HV Polo.

Grooming sets

In our practical grooming set you will find not only a storage option (grooming box or grooming bag) but also all the necessary tools for grooming your horse: curry combs, hoof picks and sponges, mane brushes and body brushes. Everything is included, so you won't have to gather everything yourself. 


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