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Pony Rugs

Pony Rugs

Pony rugs offer the best protection for your pony, protecting against the elements, as well as biting insects. Cover your pony in style with a rug specifically designed for its size.
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The different types of pony rugs

Pony rugs are now available with a wide range of functions and features . Whatever your pony's individual needs, you're sure to find a pony rug to match its size and requirements. 

Whereas once you could only choose between summer and winter pony rugs, today, the choice includes winter rugs, lightly lined rugs, waterproof rugs, pony stable rugs, turnout rugs, riding rugs, and fly sheets.

In addition to traditional coolers for ponies, which are available in a variety of different styles and materials, there are now also therapeutic rugs to keep your pony's back warm, or stimulate it using magnetic fields. There are also rugs that keep certain areas of the pony's body particularly warm, such as exercise sheets.

The ideal rug for every pony 

Take a look at our extensive range of pony rugs and choose the perfect one to match the needs of your four-legged friend. We also offer a wide selection of horse rugs.

Not all ponies are the same. A German riding pony has completely different needs than a Shetland pony, to name two extreme examples. The type of husbandry, the state of health, the age and the season also play a role. A healthy pony of a robust breed would usually only need a rain cover for longer stays outdoors during the summer. 

Most pony breeds develop a dense winter coat, so that they only need a pony rug in an open stable or for transport in the trailer. As a rule, a filling of 50 g is sufficient for a pony rug. If your pony is old or ill, you should consult a vet before buying a rug. 

In terms of requirements, pony rug are not very different from horse rugs for warmblood horses. The most important thing is that the pony rug fits properly and won't slip. Therefore, when buying a rug for ponies, you must pay attention to the size designation, for example, "pony rug size 115". To ensure that the rug fits properly even during a longer stay in the meadow or paddock, it should have a chest strap and a tail strap, as well as two crossed belly straps. The tear-resistant material should be breathable as well as wind and waterproof. Whether or not the pony rug should have a fleece lining or a proper filling depends on your animal and the circumstances.