Lead Ropes

Lead Ropes

The lead rope is just as much part of your horse's basic equipment as the headcollar. Choose from different lead ropes in a wide choice of colours and features such as panic hooks or carabiners.
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A choice of lead ropes

Our range of horse leads is as extensive as our range of headcollars. Among other things, you can choose between panic hook and snap hook closures. The panic hook can be opened simply by pushing the fastener downwards. Its real purpose is to open in case of a strong jerk, because once your horse panics, it often makes more sense to let go of the rope or for the hook to open rather than to try to hold onto the lead. The panic hook can also save lives when tying up or at times when you can't get a good grip on the hook.

With a wide choice of colours, the lead rope can also be matched to your halter or headcollar. The hooks, whether carabiner or panic hooks, are available in gold or silver. Lead ropes are available in both narrow and wide styles, with some styles featuring an additional chain at the end. 

For optimum safety at the grooming or washing area, there are tethers in different lengths and designs. Tether chains that are covered with a PVC sleeve ensure safe tethering and considerably reduce the risk of injury.