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Magentic & Massage Rugs

Magentic & Massage Rugs

Therapy rugs, magnetic horse rugs or massage rugs for your horse offer you effective therapeutic support for rehabilitation or simply as an aid for healthy training.
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The magnetic rug for your horse - a technical innovation

Magnetic rugs for horses are a technical achievement that basically supports the body's magnetic fields. The magnetic horse rug generates a magnetic field through the integrated metal net. It stimulates metabolism and at the same time supports the horse's own bodily defence system. Inflammation can therefore be healed faster, toxins can be flushed away more quickly, and the horse's general reaction to injuries can be enhanced.

Massage rugs for horses

A horse massage rug usually saves you the time and energy you would have to spend massaging your horse yourself, not to mention the knowledge you need to perform effective horse massage. The rug either rubs or vibrates and is available in saddle pads size or the size of a standard horse rug. These rugs can help when your horse is suffering from an injury or strain, or they can also be used as a preventative measure. For example, you can put a massage rug on after training to ensure that your horse's muscles do not become tense.

Heat therapy rugs provide warmth for your horse

Last but not least, warmth is often good for healing or support, which is why you will also find heat therapy rugs in our range. These can provide your horse with additional warmth, for example using infrared.  
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The magnetic therapy rug has a number of electrical coils built into it. The rug also has a pocket that holds the control unit. This control unit sends various electrical pulses into the coils of the rug. These create a pulsating magnetic field that permeates the entire horse. However, these magnetic fields do not produce heat. The fields accelerate the metabolism and the formation of new cells. The horse's immune system is strengthened and the oxygen saturation of the blood is increased.

The use of magnetic therapy rugs is recommended for acute inflammations and degenerative diseases, especially in the area of the musculoskeletal system. In addition, these therapy rugs help with prevention, rehabilitation, physiotherapy and post-operative treatment. Many riders use magnetic rugs for relieving muscle strain and the resulting lack of mobility.

How often and for how long a magnetic rug should be worn for depends on the individual animal and the therapy goal. In general, you can assume that an application on three to five days per week for half an hour each time is a good rule of thumb. In the case of acute inflammations, however, you can also use the magnetic rug for longer periods of time daily. The control units of the rugs usually have several therapy programmes for different therapeutic purposes. However, you can often also develop and save your own programme with your vet.

As with any treatment, you must consider the individual needs of your horse. However, you should be patient when using magnetic rugs. You can only expect real success after several weeks of use. 

Any horse massage rug that works with pulsating magnetic fields can be used for muscle therapy. The pulsating magnetic fields stimulate cell formation and promote blood circulation. Both are important prerequisites for muscle development.

Another technology is the ion therapy rug. The inside of this rug has a coating that emits negative ions. They are supposed to change the water molecules in the horse's body and thus lead to better blood circulation. This ensures that the muscles are better supplied with oxygen and that toxins are removed. The rug can be worn before exercise to get the horse's body in the right mood for training. Another option is to use the rug after training to regenerate the muscles.