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Nosebands frame your horse’s face and provide control and support in any discipline. Cavesson nosebands are offered in a variety of leather materials.
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A well-fitting cavesson noseband compliments your horse’s head and provides gentle pressure and control.

Nosebands for various disciplines can range from a traditional cavesson noseband to a specialty design for training or show. Elegant stitching details or a smooth, classic finish on a raised or flat noseband will give your horse’s head a lovely frame. Flash nosebands encourage the horse’s mouth to remain closed and reduce the risk of getting his tongue over the bit. These versatile nosebands are ideal for dressage but are also often seen on jumpers and eventing horses as well. A drop noseband works in a similar way to the flash (or Aachen) but includes just one band and does not have the additional strap around the middle of the nose like the flash noseband.

Nosebands for all disciplines and desires are offered by Horze.

For eventing, many riders prefer the Figure 8 or Mexican noseband for cross country and jumping. Gentle pressure at the center of the nose is cushioned by a soft padded disc while the pressure of the noseband at the jaw and lower lip provides control and stability. Wide, padded leather nosebands are ideal for dressage and double or Weymouth bridles. A smooth, flat, wide noseband is common for the hunt field. Add bling with a sparkly noseband just for fun and choose from colorful crystals or classic metallic beading. For additional nighttime riding safety, add a reflective cover to your horse’s noseband to improve visibility to oncoming traffic. Whatever your preference, there is a Horze noseband for you.

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