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Weymouth Bits

Weymouth Bits

A Weymouth bit completes the double bridle together with a bradoon bit. The classic Weymouth bit features an unbroken mouthpiece. The Weymouth bridle is used in upper level dressage and is only recommended for experienced riders.
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Weymouth bits for experienced riders

The Weymouth bit is an unjointed bar bit with a strong leverage effect. It has a different, sharper action than a snaffle and is used by experienced riders to refine their aids and influence on the horse. This bit is used with two pairs of reins. It is used in conjunction with a bradoon bit.

Used improperly, the Weymouth bit can cause injury to the horse's mouth. The bridle and reins therefore require an experienced, securely guided hand and sensitive and respectful handling.

Weymouth bits in a variety of styles

The Weymouth bit consists of the bit in the middle and two side bars, the upper tree and the lower tree. A chin chain is also attached.

The effect of the Weymouth bit is determined by the strength, shape and tongue clearance of the bit, the length of the upper and lower trees and the fitting of the chin chain. It is important that the chin chain is correctly adjusted and that the curb bit fits the mouth of the individual horse.

We recommend consulting a trainer or coach about the choice of Weymouth bit before using it.

Horze Weymouth bits are of the highest quality and are available in Aurigan, stainless steel and Sensogan. Discover our collection now.

In order to be able to use a double bridle effectively, horse and rider should have the double bridle qualification: The horse should be able to perform all lessons with a snaffle with good posture. The rider should be able to influence the horse through his/her seat independently of the reins and be able to ride at all gaits. The horse must be acquainted with the Weymouth bit and its signals and the rider must practice riding with four reins. It is very important that the rider knows how to use the bit correctly and is aware of its effect. This is the only way to ensure safety for the horse and a positive effect when riding.