Bronchix Pure, 1 kg

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A dual approach for coughing or sensitive lungs to achieve a long-term result.Step 1: Soothes and frees up the airways.Step 2: Supports the airways and increases the natural resistance.

Indication for use

Irritation of the bronchia and pulmonary problems can be caused by different factors (dusty environment, a cold, bacterial and/or viral infection, asthma, etc.). These problems can seriously affect the condition and fitness of the horse, and therefore it is very important to address these symptoms quickly and effectively. A thorough treatment indicates two different approaches:

Step 1: Sooths and clears the respiratory tract

Step 2: Supports the respiratory tract and increases natural resistance

Composition and safety of the product

Bronchix Pure Step 1 and Bronchix Pure Step 2 is a blend of dried and ground herbs known for their specific properties that are needed for relieving the horse's airways (expectorating, soothing, immuno-stimulating, etc.).


Cavalor Bronchix Pure Step 1: 30g/ 1.06 oz per day, mixed with the daily feed rations from day 1 to day 20.Cavalor Bronchix Pure Step 2: To be started on day 1, along with Bronchix Pure Step 1, and continued to day 40. (30g/1.06 oz per day) 1 measuring scoop = 10 g/ 0.35 oz


Duo pail of 1.8 kg


Will this product help horses with dust allergies?

Yes, Cavalor Bronchix Pure will give relief to the horse in a dry and dusty environment.

Could I use this on my COPD horse?

Yes, depending on the severity of the horse's condition.

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