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Supplements for Horses

Supplements for Horses

High-quality horse supplements provide effective support for various health issues. Individually adapted to the horse, supplements for horses offer the optimal complement to the standard supply of roughage and concentrated feed.
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Supplements for horses

We all want to stay healthy, feel good and, best of all, be bursting with energy. We want the same for our horses. A healthy and nutritionally balanced diet makes this possible. The basis for this is a good basic feed. For special requirements and needs, this can be supplemented with high-quality supplements for horses

High-quality supplements for horses 

Horse supplements contain effective nutrients and vitamins in concentrated form. They are available in various forms. Most horses prefer pellets and oils, but there are also powder forms and liquid solutions on the market. Supplementary feed is primarily intended to maintain the well-being of your horse. However, in most cases it should not be fed permanently, but rather as a cure, or prophylactically in case of upcoming greater demands on the body. 

Sensible use of supplements for horses

Roughage is the basis of every feeding plan. In the case of intensive work, this should be supplemented with appropriate amounts of contentrated feed and mineral feed. In some cases, however, this is not enough. If new challenges come up or the needs of the animal change due to age, performance requirements, husbandry or illnesses, individually adapted supplementary feed can effectively support your horse. The variety of different horse supplements offers simple solutions for common problems as well as individual ones. 

All-round fitness with horse supplements

Coat, skin and hooves give a good first impression of a horse's condition. We all want our horses to have a shiny coat, healthy skin and good hooves. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Nutritional deficiencies in particular are directly reflected in coat, skin or hoof problems. And deficiencies can also occur during coat changes. During this time, the horse's body is running at full capacity. Some horses, especially seniors, show this intense effort. Loss of performance and weight are the more harmless consequences. The better you support your horse during this time, the easier it will be for it to change its coat. To support balance in the body, special supplements for skin, fur & hooves are suitable, as well as the targeted addition of important vitamins & minerals

Muscle building for horses and increased energy with high quality supplements 

Good training alone is sometimes not enough to specifically support muscle development. If the muscle is not sufficiently supplied with various nutrients, vitamins, minerals and amino acids, even the best and most varied training does not always lead to the desired result. In such situations, specific muscle building supplements for horses can provide more energy and an optimal supply of nutrients for the muscles. It actively stimulates the muscle metabolism and prevents muscle loss due to nutritional deficiencies. Because only a well supplied and properly nourished muscle can perform and grow. Experience with muscle building supplements for horses also shows that they are suitable for old horses, and especially for muscle building in young horses. Not only that, the use of muscle supplements can also be useful if the horse's muscles are tense.

Stable electrolyte balance during the summer 

In summer it makes sense to provide horses with additional electrolytes. As a rule, the horse can regulate its electrolyte balance well on its own. However, in the hot summer months, excessive sweating can lead to an electrolyte deficiency. Extreme stress situations, diarrhoea, watery stools and kidney dysfunction can also lead to a deficiency. With the right electrolyte supplements for horses, the electrolyte balance can be brought back into equilibrium. Experience with electrolytes for horses clearly shows that horses are usually very happy to take them. Electrolyte pellets for horses are especially popular, but electrolytes in powder form are also excellent for stabilising the water and electrolyte balance.

Stress-free all day long with supplements for nervous horses 

Stress in horses can have different triggers, some of which cannot always be avoided. In addition, there are horses that are simply more nervous than others. In order to prevent stressful situations, the nervous system of the horse can be strengthened with the targeted use of nerve & calming supplements, thus gently helping to calm the horse in a balanced way. The right supplementary feed for nervous horses can thus actively help reduce stress. In some cases it is simply a nutritional deficiency that makes a nervous horse worse

Digestion supplements for a healthy digestive system in horses

Stress and mistakes in feeding the horse are the most common triggers of numerous diseases of the digestive tract. Once the horse's gastrointestinal tract has been damaged, this often quickly manifests itself in a loss of performance. In many cases, this can be prevented by an appropriate feeding regime with high-quality gastric & stomach supplements  for horses. Sometimes a single gastrointestinal treatment is enough for the horse, but if there are more serious problems with the horse's gastrointestinal tract, a vet should be consulted. 

Strengthening the horse's tendons, ligaments and joints  

The movement of a fit horse should be dynamic and full of energy. The basic prerequisite for this is healthy tendons, ligaments and joints. If pain occurs in this area, the desire to move usually stops very quickly. To ensure a quick return of the urge to move even after diagnoses such as arthritis, spavin or tendon damage, or to maintain it in general, it makes sense to supplement the feed with high-quality supplements for joints, tendons.& ligaments.

Breathe easy with supplements for the respiratory tract 

Horses have extraordinary lungs that work extremely hard. Respiratory diseases should therefore be taken very seriously. Problems in the horse's upper respiratory tract usually manifest themselves as a severe runny nose or a slight cough. However, they can quickly become chronic. Therefore, bacterial infections of the horse's respiratory tract should always be checked by a veterinarian, as they can make the horse impossible to ride. It is therefore all the more important to protect the horse's respiratory tract. Special respiratory supplements can support this. In addition, supporting the horse with respiratory supplements makes sense in the case of some allergies.

Supplementary feed for foals and broodmares 

If you want to become a real champion, you have to start practising early. For the best possible support of the foal's development even before birth, the brood mare in particular should be optimally supported with appropriate supplements. The foal should also be supported with high-quality foal feed after birth. As a rule, interest in concentrated feed arises from the 2nd month of life onwards, and from this time onwards one can start with a complete foal feed. Special supplements for foals & rearing guarantee the right prenatal and postnatal nutrition.

Strengthening the horse's immune system 

A healthy gut is the basis for a strong immune system and thus for a healthy and happy horse. In order to actively support the metabolism and immune defence, there are specifically developed supplements for the immune system. This is particularly useful in winter, in stressful situations, and during coat changes. With an appropriate feeding regime, the horse's immune system can be strengthened and rebuilt. In addition to complete feed supplements for the horse's immune system, there are other food supplements that can improve the horse's immune defence. Vitamins & minerals are particularly important, and a variety of oils for horses with essential fatty acids also contribute to strengthening the immune system

Horse supplements for healthy liver and kidneys

As in humans, the liver and kidneys of horses are responsible for the detoxification of the body. Damage to these organs, which are central to the metabolism, usually remains undetected for a long time because the symptoms are very non-specific. contentrated feed and roughage in particular should therefore always be inspected meticulously. Mould and poisonous plants can be the causes of damage to the horse's kidneys and liver. To relieve organ functions, supplements for liver & kidney are a good idea. They help detoxify the horse's kidneys and liver and thus facilitate the work of these important organs. In addition to special food supplements, oils for horses can also be used here. Milk thistle oil for horses in particular has a detoxifying effect on the horse's liver and thus supports the metabolic rehabilitation of the horse

Feeding advice 

As a general rule, it should be noted that supplements should not be fed without good reason and preferably with the advice of a veterinarian or horse feed advisor. Overdosing of some supplementary feeds can be harmful. 

With increasing demands, changes in health or along with the normal ageing process, the classic diet otenf contrate, roughage and mineral feed is sometimes no longer sufficient. Special supplementary feed and other supplements can then help maintain your horse's well-being. Benefit from our extensive range and the many years of experience of our top feed manufacturers such as Agrobs, Eggersmann, Pavo, Cavalor and many more.


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