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Blue Hors Muscle Build 7,5 kg

Blue Hors Muscle Build 7,5 kg

7.5 kg (€15.87 / kg)
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In 1992, Denmark gained an important addition to the world of dressage and sport. Blue Hors training center and stud farm was the basis and beginning for this line of premium quality equestrian care products to provide ultimate care for the exceptional horses who were fortunate enough to be part of this center.

The beginning of this Warmblood-based dressage facility was born in 1964 when two young Danish men met at a riding event in Vejle. Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen and Poul Erik Fugmann, a year later on a carriage tour in Hærvejen, discovered the perfect location to begin a premier breeding and training facility.

Now these products are the foundations for top-of-the-line horse care and are used within the Blue Hors operation as well as now around the world by discerning riders and owners.

Products to enhance performance include supplements such as electrolytes, vitamins and minerals to improve and maintain health and performance. Magnesium and amino acid supplements are added to the feed to improve performance and speed recovery of tissue and muscle. The options from Blue Hors include ingestible vitamins as well as topical solutions and ointments to aid in the repair and recovery after strenuous work.

Proper hoof care is a must for the competitive horse and with the correct balance of moisture and vitamins, hooves will provide soundness and keep the horse performing at this best. Blue Hors hoof oils and tars as well as biotin vitamin supplements will keep your horse’s hooves healthy and sound.

A strong, healthy immune system and respiratory health are essential for peak endurance. Adding garlic and other supplements such as Hip C can reduce stress and strengthen the immune system in most horses and breeding mares.

Proper digestion can be aided with supplements such as psyllium. Ensuring that horses turned out in paddocks without grass or natural grazing do not ingest too much sand which can lead to colic is crucial. Psyllium can help the digestive process and reduce the risk of this deadly condition.

Maintaining a healthy, shiny coat is every horse lover’s dream. Adding the balance of proper shampoo and conditioning as well as topical sprays and protective layers of sheen are just a few examples of what can be done to keep his coat and skin from becoming itchy or irritated by harsh chemicals or too much sun, debris or other environmental factors.

Wounds heal quickly and safely when they are treated with the ointments available from Blue Hors such as aloe vera and Skinhealer. Keeping mud fever from damaging your horse’s sensitive skin and adding skin-soothing sprays with anti-itch properties will keep your horse’s skin healthy and looking soft and clean.

The leather care products and tack cleaners from Blue Hors such as saddle soap, leather dressing and more, offer protection for your precious tack and boots. Proper leather care will guarantee many years of safety and use from your leather products.

If your horse has bad stable behavior such as cribbing or biting, Blue Hors even has products to curb that. The Bite Stop gel and spray is easy to use and will discourage these vices.

Blue Hors will keep your horse, equipment and stable well-cared for, healthy and safe. Horze is proud to offer these products to keep your horse happy.